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Beginner questions!


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Hi guys!

Yestarday i just got the Mark V and i'm really happy about that. It's been a long waiting till coming in Europe but now here it is. I do have some problems with it. After flashing and so worked perfectly first time and i could see Pineapple_XXXX on range despite the fact my android phone didn't connected auto. Anyway, i think i messed up a bit the things and routing table because i can't understand it anymore and i can't start karma. It just do noting when i try from WUI. I have seen in karma config there is no name for the of wireless networks should stream, i keep add and save with a name but still the same problems. Can somebody first of all help me with routing table and to understand which wlan number works for each thing? Also if i have turned on wlan0 and wlan1 I still can't see any pineapple network in range. I used wiki page but unfortunately there are not so much topics covered there. I was looking also around for some tutorials in the really begging after you boot first time the pineapple.

I appreciate any help and explanation and i do hope i will have it working soon.

Thanks a lot guys,


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