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Windows Upgrade Hung


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Well folks, it happenned.

I have here beside a computer that has hung after around 30 minutes of upgrading from Windows XP Home to Professional.

At the "Installing Windows" phase, at "Installing Devices" part of that section... I got a window asking for the driver for the Realtec Sound Driver yada yada yada and mentioned something about soundman.exe. I tried to press ok, but no drivers were found. So I clicked cancel. It hung.

What can I do? I dare not reboot until I get some advice from you guys. Are my files safe?

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okay there is no guarantee that your files are safe. If your files are on a seperate partition from the one you are installing windows then yes they are prob safe. Now if they are on the same one then you will be running a risk. My recommendation would be to reboot and use a linux live to reocver what data you can off the drive and then reboot and try again. :) Remember back up back up back up. 8)

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Oh god but I got cocky. This was the 5th computer that was getting upgraded... And they all worked out..

I knew it, my laptop is way too tweaked out to have a smooth upgrade.

Please anyone else, share your thoughts and ideas.


I do have a linux live cd, but how do I go in and try to retrieve data if the live disk is in the tray? You think I can try to send it over the network to another computer?

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Ok, sorry for double post, but it appears that the reason why it hangs is because soundman.exe can't be found on the disk.

So! I can reboot and setup can continue no problem, and it appears that my files are intact at this point.

What do I do about the soundman.exe problem? This never happenned on the 4 other computers I have upgraded with this disk with... Again thanks for the support

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