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InfoSec Meetup in East Bay Area, CA


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So I am just starting my journey into InfoSec and have always been the closet nerd growing up as no one I knew really was interested in anything more then gaming and building the newest and fastest gaming rig. So I lurked in forums and tried things here and there. Long story short, now that I am a bit older and realizing that id like to really get into this, I was hoping to meet some like minded people. There are a lot of hacker, IT, InfoSec groups on Meetup, but they're mostly all in San Fran. I am in the east bay, antioch, concord, walnut creek area. I am pretty new to this network security stuff, and learning python, however having a lot of fun. If anyone is interested in meeting up once in a while and discussing stuff, working on some projects or building a pentest lab, whatever, post on here and lets get some ideas going. We could meet bi weekly or weekly, or whatever, even just online?? I was thinking of starting a Meetup.com group. I figured there would be one closer if there were more like minded people, but they're all in San Fran and Mountain View hehe. Figures...

Anyways, I'm working on Security+, Network+, Python, and CEH v7 course. Reading a few good books I got too. I got the pineapple 4, would be cool to play around with that more too. If your interested drop a line,



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