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PHP CGI Help :(


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Yes I know I should factory default, but I'm curious as why I'm getting this error anytime I try to view a php file from a web browser:

Unable to launch the requested GGI program:
  /usr/bin/php-cgi: Permission denied

When I do an ls -l command on the /usr/bin/php-cgi file, none of the permissions are set. When I issue the chmod u+x command on the file, I get this error now:

The CGI Process did not produce any response

In my /www directory, I have some html and php files; I'm able to view all of the html files. Could someone shed some light on this because it was working about two reboots ago. Not sure what had happen here. I have even tried deleting the /etc/config/uhttpd and /etc/php.ini files then copying them back over using the cp -rp command from the /rom directory. :(

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