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Portable Perl/Python Interpreter


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Are there a portable perl or python interpreters for windows available somewhere

i'm thinking something whereby would just have some libraries and so long as your script was in the same directory you could run perl or python code. No needing to install anything onto a computer or change registry settings or anything like that

do such things exist and where can i get them

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Depends, you on linux or are you on windows? as for windows most people use the ActiveState perl interpeter, ive never tried but im sure if you wanted to you could make it portable... If i had a USB key laying around i would test my theroy but i dont :(

Mkay! after a quick test you can get the AtivePerl package here : http://downloads.activestate.com/ActivePer...MSWin32-x86.zip

If you put it onto a usb key, it will be about 31ish Mb and it comes with tons of modules which you can strip out if you dont need them :)


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