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Question about twitter retweet bot.


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I'm not sure if i'm asking this in the correct forum/section but i tried to start a retweeting bot on twitter for a community, The basic instruction are to copy and paste the file ( here -> https://github.com/Narno/phptwitterbot ) into the server, Or hosting service and change the login information or in this case, The configuration file , with the info and account login and password. I tried with this one -> https://github.com/Narno/phptwitterbot But it's not working. Have i done it incorrectly ? Or did i miss a step?

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I have a feeling it doesn't work mainly because of the new twitter API which requires all access posted to/from twitter to go through oAuth or one of their other libs. I haven't tried the code, but I assume thats why its failing since I believe they changed this in September if not mistaken. They did away with RSS feeds and the 1.0 API interface to post and pull data. Page scraping can still be done though, and one of the reasons I made my own plug-in for WordPress so I don't have to rely on oAuth, since I just parse out the data I need from usernames I plug into it. It doesn't however have the ability to login and post to twitter though, since as mentioned, I don't use oAuth, just page scraping.

Example: http://www.attack-scanner.com/fuckTwitter.php

It was made out of spite and necessity, since I had multiple RSS feeds from users I followed on several of my domains I run, I needed a way to put the feeds back up, without the need for oAuth since I find that if someone compromised the domain, they also now have your oAuth keys, which can be used to post as you, stolen off your mobile 3rd party apps, etc, so I just worked around the road blocks.

As for posting to Twitter, I'd say it can probably be done without oAuth, depending on how its written, and php with cUrl would probably work. Just need to be able to use HTTPS and cookies and fake a user agent.

Search GIT though. There seem to be many other tweet bots out there. I've never had a need for one or reason to mass tweet/retweet anything.

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