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Password Removal


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Hey guys, I am new to the forum (I apologize if this isn't the right location for this) and new to the rubber ducky, but I was wondering if there might be a payload for windows that would either bypass windows login, or edit the sam hives that the password is stored in. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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There is no real war to bypass the windows login with USB, but you could try a simple brute force with the Ducky, and you might get lucky?

There is no way to edit the sam hives while the OS is running, as these files are locked.

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you can load up a linux distro find the oskb.exe rename it to oskb.bak and rename cmd to oksb.exe so that win the login screen pops up you can click the accessibility functions then click the onscreen keyboard and it will bring up an administrator command prompt then use the netuser command.

Here is a link same concept just different file


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