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Dedicated Service of Chemical Distributors


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distributors of chemicals deal with a wide range of chemical products including pharmaceuticals, detergents, cosmetics and enzymes. Chemical distributors are known as dynamic and professional business organizations. Most chemical distributor companies act as a link between chemical industry and customers. Distributors of chemicals undertake the supply of chemicals used for animal feeding, agricultural applications and dye making. An ideal chemical distributor will be an organization focusing on technology oriented chemical operations. High level of technical services is the hallmark of chemical distributor organizations with international reputation. Chemical distributors have been significantly contributing to the growth of chemical industry. Well known chemical suppliers gained the trust of their customers within a very short time. Industrial chemicals, plastics and specialty chemicals are the focal areas of major chemical distributors. They create value in the supply chain by meeting demands of numerous customers all over the globe.

Alkali, solvents, phosphates, poly vinyl chloride and inorganic chemicals are some of the widely used industrial chemicals. Most chemical distributors in the world have years of experience in chemical industry and associated business verticals. They were highly successful in building lasting relationships with their customer base. Capability to store, distribute and manage logistics is the primary requirement of a chemical distributor. Chemical distributors cover the industrial verticals of agrochemicals, chemical process industry, detergent manufacturing, packaging, printing industry, polymer compounding and sugar industry. Chemical distribution business was confined to the boundaries of specific countries and continents in early days of chemical industry. Nowadays this situation undergone a dramatic change and led to the emergence of big scale companies.

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