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Karma - Black/White and blacklisting multiple SIDs


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So far I understand that:

Using Black mode, then adding an SSID or MAC to the list, means everything else will be attacked but not the listed SSIDs/MACs. (If that's correct, I'll put aside how confusing it is... black is meant to be bad, but in this case blacklisted means not being attacked? Or being Black mode means you're adding to a White list? The language is far from clear.)

My questions are...

  1. Is what I said above correct?
  2. Can I list an SSID then a MAC, and both will be listed together?
  3. If I add one SSID, then later add another, does it overwrite the first or add to it?
  4. Can I add multiple SSIDs at once, and if so what's the format? (eg semicolon? Semicolon-whitespace? "SSID1;SSID2")
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