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Stop client mode auto connect


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My question is just that, how do i stop wlan1 from auto connecting to every network i have connected it to in the past. As you can imagine i dont want to have my pineapple pineappled!

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The next update to the Network infusion will include an easy disconnect feature, but until then you have to manually remove the configuration from /etc/config/wireless or comment out the last block which should look similar to:

config wifi-iface

option device 'radio1'

option mode 'sta'

option network 'wan'

option ssid 'yournetwork'

option key 'yourpassword'

option encryption 'mixed-psk+ccmp+tkip' #or similar

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Thanks Darren!! Never thought I would hear directly from you! Its nice to see you guys are working to hard to make the MKV the best that it can be!! Good job guys keep it up, thanks Hak5 team for all you do!!

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