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Possible, yes. Good idea, no.

It is entirely possible to do this, but it's not a good idea for at least two major reasons.

1. It's so slow it would be impractical. Iodine delivers dial-up like speeds. If you're sharing out that slow of a connection your target will just get annoyed and stop trying to use the hotspot. It would take them hours to do anything worth logging anyways.

2. By now most captive portal systems will block or redirect external DNS queries so Iodine just won't work. Even in the cases where it does work, there's a good chance that DNS queries are being logged (either by the router or by the ISP). Since Iodine requires that you make queries against a server you control, and those queries are likely being logged, you are basically handing yourself in forensically.

Many common public hotspots have stopped charging for access or offer some sort of free guest account. That's probably your best bet these days. In the cases where a hotspot requires payment, it's probably better/easier to simply hijack an existing session. Or, if nobody has paid yet the let your first victim pay for the hotspot access.

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