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  1. Well I got stopped once with a mac mini in checked baggage but after the saw the apple logo there was no problem.
  2. Sorry, no pictures didn't really think about about until I was thinking about hackintoshes. I had an inspiron 9300 that I tucked a panel antenna after prying off the case behind the flat screen and hooked it up to the wifi card. Bam 15 dbi directional in a laptop. Sadly I need a new model that I can do this with a few years ago the battery set the damn thing unfire.
  3. Can iodine be put on Mk 5 IP-over DSN would be cool share out a wifi hotspot. And maybe log a few things account free.
  4. it is a wifi drive as used with phones and ipad
  5. So I got this Idea just now. Can to save all your logs and any other files from your pineapple to some thing like a Wi-drive.
  6. leapole Thanks I guess I will continue to fiddle around or maybe I am good all ready if the range is really that bad lol
  7. Darren have you been able to get get reaver running on your n900 yet? I am having no luck :(

  8. Darren have you been able to get get reaver running on your n900 yet? I am having no luck :(

  9. I am looking forward to it myself :D
  10. I have been messing around for about 2 months now trying to grt it working but no luck wondering can anyone help me with a how to?
  11. Does anyone know how to get it to work.
  12. Sounds Pretty cool to add to that it would be cool if you have an ssh handshake you could save to a PC
  13. Thank you. I will try it out what I meant by "plug and play" not having to config it each time. But ya I run Mac 10.7 been have trouble too thought just going from the router would be easier.
  14. I am trying to config my dd-wrt router so I can plug and play my Mark VI over ethernet . Having no luck wondering if anyone did this already.
  15. Ya wireless N would be very sweet is you get it up and running i would mind
  16. Do you mean next Major update after 2.0.0. I can't wait to try Tango Mode/ Neinsager Backpack. It would be kinda cool if we could use either MkIII or the Alfa whatever the user chooses. I strongly look forward to seeing this.
  17. I can't seam to get wash command working I am trying to scan it works fine in backtrack but for some reason not when I am ssh-ed into the pineapple.
  18. Oh sorry when I go to boot into backtrack 4 it isn't supporting graphics trying to figure out if I can combined the the 2
  19. I am currently using backtrack 3 on my OQO to be really moblie it is pretty sweet. But can't get BT 5 working .
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