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Android Device Spoofing


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Hey guys,

here are two simple bash scripts how to spoof your hostname and mac adress on a rooted android device as command in the terminal emulator.


if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
    echo "00AABBCC22DD" > /data/misc/wifi/config_mac
    echo "$1" > /data/misc/wifi/config_mac
echo $(cat /data/misc/wifi/config_mac)

Save this to a file called chmac and save it in your system/bin directory. Don't forget to give it chmod +X.

Starting: First type "su" in your terminal editor to be sure it runs in root-mode. Then just type chmac and the new mac-adress is shown as an echo.

You also can type "chmac AABBAABBCCAA" which will change the MAC to the new choosen one. Please notice that the MAC is entered without ":".

In a similar way it is possible to change your hostname.


if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
    setprop net.hostname SamsungS3
    setprop net.hostname $1
getprop net.hostname

Again save this to a file i.e. "chname" save it in the bin folder and make it executable.

Run the terminal emulator and make it root.

You can just type chname and the name will be set to a constant, in this case "SamsungS3".

If you want to choose another name just type "chname Strawberrydreams" and your hostname will change.

The new hostname is shown as an echo.

Have fun!

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