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We have three connection of internet from different three internet companies but the issue is user need to go upto the floor to access different internet connection.

Is there any way to use 2nd floor computer use as proxy no matter if i need to run any file or script on 2nd floor computer?

No i cannot configure wi-fi or wired network to perform this task.

I only have one option to use 2nd floor computer as proxy :S

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Your question makes no sense. You wouldn't be able to reach the other floor if there was no wired or wireless connection to their floor if they have no network connectivity.

If your connection has outbound internet traffic and so does the second floors, sure, you could configure going out through the internet and back in, but that seems horribly insecure and waste of time.

Unless setting up an internal VPN that uses a WAN setup, for which you would go out one floors internet connection and back in via a machine listening on their floor, I don't see any safe method of doing it and really, why would you do it this way? Across town WAN, sure, one floor, run ethernet cable to the next floor. Inefficient and too much overhead, but could be done using the internet. Would not suggest using an internet proxy server to do it though.

If you're floor has no connectivity within the same company to reach their floor, doesn't sound to me like you're on the same company network though, so you'll have to dig and figure that out on your own as something just doesn't sound right about the whole thing.

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Solved by own Research "Google"

And the best answer was "google". Mind explaining the topology of the network and HOW you fixed it?
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