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hAK5 took my money and never sent the device


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I paid for the device and never received it or even got any type of email saying it was sent only got order confirmation and money debited... Totally feel ripped off.

Thank you for your order from The HakShop! We truly appreciate your business.

Your order, received 09/20/2013, will be shipped ASAP - generally next business day unless otherwise noted. Please check your SPAM FILTER for the shipping confirmation if it is not received within 3 business days.

Subtotal : $156.98 USD
CA State Tax : $11.77 USD
Shipping : $14.00 USD
Total : $182.75 USD

09/21/13-182.750.000.00Debit Card W/D


Date 09/20/13 244921532646370xxxxxxxxxx


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I understand your concern but I assure you - you aren't being ripped off.

Typically orders go out next business day however our fraud prevention system detected a few concerns which put your order on hold. Usually we're able to resolve them in a timely manner however this particular order took a couple days longer than normal.

I apologize for the inconvenience, I know the feeling of waiting on an order. Unfortunately in our business we have to scrutinize every order and when things don't match it's cause for concern. We reject a very high level of fraudulent orders which sadly delays a legitimate order every now and then. Once we've validated the credit card address and zip code that aren't matching we'll get your order out ASAP. I'm happy to upgrade the ground shipping to next day air in addition to my sincere apology.

Feel free to reach out to me directly - darren@hak5.org.



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Thank you for a update from the man himself I feel better. It's like christmas i've been checking my inbox every 30 mins for a shipment tracking code since placing the order never to receive one... You can delete this post.

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