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Issues installing infusions


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I've got a bit of a strange problem if anyone would be able to help. I am a bit of a noob :/

I've downgraded the pineapple to 2.8.1, which is a shame as i much preferred the UI on 3.0.0 but there doesn't seem to be as many infusions for 3 yet and I've setup the USB swap.

Anyway, I installed a few infusions without any issues e.g Network Manager and MITM, but when i install nmap or sslstrip, it looks like it installs but when i click on it in the pineapple bar it just redirects me to strange looking version of the main pineapple page. I install all of them to the USB

I've installed OKPG Manager and have installed nmap from there also but with the same result. I see in one of the posts on this forum the install instructions are on the wiki but I've had a look and cannot find it anywhere.

It installed fine on 3.0.0

Any help would be much appreciated!

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