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  1. Hi, I mistakenly bought the Anker 3E which has 2 x 5v outputs and i've been reading here that this is wrong for the pineapple. The thing is it works! Are there any dangers running it on 5v? Would it damage the pineapple at all?
  2. Found the fix is case anyone has the same issue. Even though many infusions downloaded and installed without any issues nmap and sslstrip would not work. I had to reflash the device and now it's working!
  3. Hello, I've got a bit of a strange problem if anyone would be able to help. I am a bit of a noob :/ I've downgraded the pineapple to 2.8.1, which is a shame as i much preferred the UI on 3.0.0 but there doesn't seem to be as many infusions for 3 yet and I've setup the USB swap. Anyway, I installed a few infusions without any issues e.g Network Manager and MITM, but when i install nmap or sslstrip, it looks like it installs but when i click on it in the pineapple bar it just redirects me to strange looking version of the main pineapple page. I install all of them to the USB I've installed OKPG Manager and have installed nmap from there also but with the same result. I see in one of the posts on this forum the install instructions are on the wiki but I've had a look and cannot find it anywhere. It installed fine on 3.0.0 Any help would be much appreciated!
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