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Mark IV Pineapple with 12v 2A DC Switching power adaptor


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Ok, I don't know a great deal about power supplies, etc, so I'm trying to work out if the power plug I have will do the job (being Aussie, I can't use the US plug without an adaptor, and I happen to have found a spare plug that matches specs in all regards bar one).

So after googling around a bit, and checking these forums out, my understanding of what might work is somewhat confused. From what I've gathered, it should be ok to use a 12V 2A DC plug, as the Pineapple only draws the amps it needs, but the voltage should match the original plug as much as possible.

The power plug I have is a switching 12V 2A DC, centre positive, with the right sized tip (5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID).

Will this be ok to use with the Pineapple?

Appreciate your assistance.

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