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  1. Fantastic video guys (partway through watching it), although it got quite distracting while Google was auto managing which feed was being displayed, especially so when some of the more 'technical' aspects of PineAP were being discussed, and references made to the slides, which would flick on screen for a brief moment.
  2. I have similar problems. Switched to a larger capacity USB stick, and could no longer find the old jammer infusion in the infusion bar. Installing deauth never works, as it continues to show up in the bar as available for install. Ultimately I ended up copying the old jammer infusion from the old USB stick onto the new stick. My MKIV runs the 3.0 firmware. From what I can see in the jammer thread, it is no longer supported on the MKIV platform.
  3. Ok, I don't know a great deal about power supplies, etc, so I'm trying to work out if the power plug I have will do the job (being Aussie, I can't use the US plug without an adaptor, and I happen to have found a spare plug that matches specs in all regards bar one). So after googling around a bit, and checking these forums out, my understanding of what might work is somewhat confused. From what I've gathered, it should be ok to use a 12V 2A DC plug, as the Pineapple only draws the amps it needs, but the voltage should match the original plug as much as possible. The power plug I have is a sw
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