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Hak5 Microphones?


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Does anybody know what microphones the Hak5 team use that clip on their shirts when they are filming episodes? I've been looking around and I can't find any that are decent and I need one for the EuroGamer Expo in September.



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sennheiser make a few decent ones I guess.

I used to work at a radio, and it's very important to use something that has been used "in the field" so you know that it just works :)

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Will you be using it while walking around an expo hall? Because if so, I'd recommend a wired mic and a camera with an audio input so you don't have to deal with wireless interference.

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I do have a Canon 650d which has a mic input, what microphone would you recommend to accompany it? i'll be walking around and talking about the different games that are being released (I can't wait because battlefield 4 is going to be there! :D)

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Maybe a directional condenser microphone with not too much gain. Røde microphones are pretty good.

Using any other microphone with omni or kidney pattern and too much gain you will get a lot of background noise.

Try testing it out first :)

Camera needs to support phantom power and balanced inputs.

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