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ICS confusion (OS X)


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Hi there,

Second post (I posted this same question in the questions forum, but not sure if that was the right place)...

I have a question as I'm slightly confused :)

I'm using my Mark IV Pineapple (v3.0.0) with OS X Lion. There are many instructions on the Internet on how to configure the Ethernet adapter and enable Internet Sharing.

My setup is such that on my Mac I connect to the Internet via WiFi. Then I use the Ethernet cable to connect the Pineapple from the LAN/PoE port to the Mac's Ethernet port. I have configured the Mac's Ethernet port with the fixed IP address etc and have enabled Internet Sharing from WiFi to Ethernet.

It is also a known problem that Internet Sharing (ICS) does not quite work with the Pineapple on OS X. Indeed I cannot access the Internet from the Pineapple when I SSH into the Pineapple and for example try to ping www.google.com. I also cannot download any infusions in this way through the Web interface (I can connect to the web interface from the Mac by browsing to

However, I can connect with a 3rd device (iPhone) to the Pineapple's WiFi and for example browse the Internet from the iPhone.

Why am I able to connect from my iPhone via the Pineapple to the Internet, but not directly from the Pineapple using the same configuration?

Any info greatly appreciated as I am a bit puzzled :)

Many thanks!

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I suggest you turn you iPhone to Airplane mode with wifi turned on and test that again.... I suspect you were browsing over your 3g/4g and not really over the pineapples wifi. With the pineapple and OSX you'll need to turn on a second Internet Connection Sharing on the Pineapple itself. Under 2.8.1 this was easily accomplished with the Network Manager infusion because it had an ICS tab that was simple. It should be a similar process under 3.0.0 but I haven't really looked into the options available in 3.0.0. I've been waiting for the infusions to catch up and for the kinks to get worked out. I have a post you can search for called Mac Ics Works or there are instructions on the Pineapples website in the howto section. In there it is option 2.

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Yup, think you are right. Turned off cellular and 3G on the iPhone, connected over WiFi to the Pineapple. Then browsed the Internet. No dice. I think when I tried before, I was browsing a cached page (Google news which is notorious for caching).

Thanks for your help. Off to do some more research!

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