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Firmware 3.0.0 TX/RX power low


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Nice with the new firmware 3.0, hope to see some more infusions soon (need logcheck!)

I am having som problems I think has to due with transmitter settings.

The pineapple is at a fixed location and being used to sniff for devices passing by. This is for protection only, and as an add on for my burglary alarm. I don't attack the devices.

The amount of devices passing by has dropped since using 2.8.1.

The signal strength is weak - only one bar standing right next to the pineapple. Is that a problem that can be fixed?

Another problem is that the pineapple is loosing the password I assign for it. (non-persistant after reboot)

I also hope the new firmware will show time stamps for the probe requests.

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Reflash and see if that helps, low signal may be due to hardware issue that generated a large discussion in these forums. Failing that go back to 2.8.1, 3.0.0 is a new release and will have some bugs which I'm sure the pineapple team will fix when they have the time!

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Hi there

As my nickname tells I am a f..... noob! The Pineapple was OK in the first place...

Learned to use putty and winscp

But. Reflashed back to 2.8.1 - Took it apart an fitted a new antenna from a wireless ip-cam,

iwconfig showed 18 dBm - which I thought was bad, but now I know it is the setting that is normal.

I should have started with using a proper wifi analyzer program. I get full signal now.

The reason I got fool into this was one bar signal, and the fact that the karma.log in the Gui is very small compared to the karma.log there is via SSH.

Found out that the 3.0 looses the Gui password, but only keeps the right password for SSH.


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