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Further Research on Jasager/Karma; Some questions.


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Hi everyone, I just had a couple questions regarding Jasager/Karma and the way it works. Sorry if this is a really stupid question or whatever, I actually did try to find the answers of these questions online, but to no avail.

I was able to get everything working on my box, but I'm kind of confused on how Jasager works.

I decided to test the Karma function of my WP4. I had already connected to the wifi network of the pineapple directly with my Macbook's wifi and it was working just fine. So to test out the Karma and to see if it really connected me right away to the pineapple, I connected back to my home network, turned off wifi, and turned it back on to see if I would automatically connect with the pineapple, but instead it connected me back to my home network. Why is this? Would it mean that if in a pentesting network, the clients would just connect back right into their previously used network effectively bypassing the pineapple? Would that be the same in other locations too, in which you have already connected into an ssid previously and will it bypass the Karma system? Or is turning off wifi and turning it back on not good enough to get it to switched over to the pineapple? When I did turn it on and off, I saw the karma log from my pineapple and it stated that I had a probe request for every single network I've connected to, including the pineapple, yet it still directly connected to my home network.

Any help with clearing this up will be greatly appreciated.


Edit: And by the way, is there any sort of documentation on this?

If anything here is unclear or confusing, please let me know. I'll try to explain it in a different way.

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Try this test again away from your home network. There could be many reasons why you connected to your home network first such as, it could have been closer or, your mac book prefers to connect to protected networks over un protected ones so it chose your home network instead. There are more reasons it could have done that but like I said try it again away from your home network and see what happens or try to deauth a test machine from your home network and see if it will connect to the pineapple.

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