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Script to automate a process that requires authentication?

Lost In Cyberia

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Hey everyone... I'm just stretching my wings a bit and seeing how things work. If I wanted to write a script that had me ssh to my remote computer, how can this be done? If the script runs without me, how can I enter the required password? the same is true for any time of authentication method like scp file transferring... There must be a way via script around this?

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If your SSH has certs in place, there is no need to type a password and you can just call ssh directly.

You can also give ttyrec a shot: http://0xcc.net/ttyrec/index.html.en


Here is another one found via Google: http://linux.die.net/man/1/script

I am pretty sure Darren used another one besides ttyrec, but I can't remember the other one. If you see this Darren, refresh my memory :D.

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