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Metasploit Question


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We all know metasploit is easy to exploit a target machine as he/she just need to open a URL and BOOM!

My question is, In that temporary situation when we are exploiting a victim's machine on that specific time where metasploit store all it's exploit system.


we used autopwn and started hander now where metasploit store this temporary files?

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Would you please give me a explanation rather than a posting public link.

See If you remember when we use SET then SET itself store those all exploit temporary files in (set/src/program_junk/ here are all Files)

Same thing i am asking for metsploit that when we exploiting on that time where metasploit store exploit temporary files?

If my question is incorrect or you think it's just a crap question then please i would like to grow up my knowledge so kindly explain me how it works?

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If you reference the link, it is the best how-to type manual for Metasploit. I can only assume you are asking for the location of the files while using metasploit payloads. My guess is they are in /tmp. But whatever it is you want those files for, I'm sure it's explained how to make your own with that link.

You can also try asking in irc.freenode.org #metasploit

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