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Hello all, I am new to the site and sort of new to the IT field. I am two years into my four year Information Systems Security degree and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has vast knowledge in this field and can take me under their wing to guide me to the right information pertaining to this field. I would basically like to get a head start and pack my head full of knowledge so that I will know what I'm doing and what I'm talking about when I finish college. Thanks for your time.

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Okay let's see.

I'm going to tell you what other people will tell you in this forum and many many others.

SAINT GOOGLE. It never get's old, and it contains any information you may be looking for.

I will recommend topics such as, but not limited to:

IP networking

Networking Protocols
Security Products
What is a virus?

What is a worm?
What is a trojan horse?
What is a rootkit?
What is a spyware?
What is a malware?
What is a keylogger?

and be EXTREMELY curious (sorry for the capitals, but I just can't stress enough this requirement )

Yes the topics are extremely simple and basic, but like my martial arts teacher said, "without a proper root, the three would fall"

Never get tired of asking questions, let me quote once again, this time my teacher of computers "I rather look stupid and ask questions, than be a stupid with a question"

After you learn those topics better than you know yourself, come back for more topics. (this topics should give you enough to study for a couple of months if you really look in deep on each topic)

If you have a particular question in regards to security, don't hesitate to contact me. No I'm not the best, not even close. But I have been doing research of security related stuff for like 7 years. So I do know where to find the answers.

I'm currently enrolled on my bachelors program of Information technology and cyber security. I'm a network systems administrator already.

Best regars

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Thank you very much joey. I have a basic understanding of those topics but I will dig deeper into them until I have a thorough understanding of each. Seems like a logical place to start. I started out in school for network administration but I switched to the security aspect of computers because I found it much more interesting plus I find it sorta connects to my law enforcement side. Thanks again

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No problem my friend, Welcome to the Security world. Once you learn the basics, questions will start arising from your mind by themselves such as "Okay, I know what a virus is... but how does it work? how can I stop it? is a virus capable of doing this or that?" so further. But for this questions to be automated you need to fully understand the basics.

Like I said, study that, and we'll address you to the next steps.

Good luck

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