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Pineapple Pi


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So this may be a dumb question but I'm curious how people are using these two devices together. What tasks are you putting off on the Rasberry Pi? Are you jaming with the Rasberry pi, using it as a web server for the pineapple?

Just curious as I just received my rasberry pi and I'm looking to see what techniques others have used successfully.


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I use a my pi with my pineapple and a usb rubber ducky. The pi and pineapple are connected via ethernet, and my ducky logs me into my pi, then ssh to my pineapple and starts up dnsspoof.sh. All without any physical input from me, just boot it all up, plug the ducky in and let it go. I made this set up because i was tired of being in a target ritch enviorment and haveing to whip out my phone and go to the web UI of the pineapple and click the dnsspoof start button, with it all in a pelican case I can just sit back and let it go.


I just realized, look at my picture.

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