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DNSSpoof trouble with wlan1


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I know this has been mentioned in prior threads (quote/link below) but it never seems to have been resolved.

EDIT: I just noticed that when using network manger it does something that stops DNSspoof working.

My setup up is a pineapple connected to a powered hub with a alfa card and usb plugged into it. The alfa is getting internet access from my home AP an sharing it with WLAN0.
Any idea on a quick fix for this?
i think its because the dns code is
'dnsspoof -i br-lan -f /pineapple/config/spoofhost > /dev/null 2>/pineapple/logs/dnsspoof.log'
am thinking that maybe br-lan should be WLAN0 or WLAN1. If that is correct would an if statement work (one were the pineapple checks were victems are connecting?http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27113-network-manager/page-6?hl=dnsspoof

To make a long story short my Mark IV works fine with dnsspoof when being run through a tether to my BT5 machine but does not work when I use my alfa in client mode hooked to an access point. (Mark IV is latest firmware, latest build of dnsspoof, adapter is NHA) ICS works fine for anything connecting to the pineapple's wlan0/access point interface, but they just get passed through to the standard internet page. Poking around in the code shown that dnsspoof is hooked to br-lan, and br-lan consists of eth0 and wlan0. I don't think the solution is as simple as adding wlan1 to br-lan as that just gets me an "operation not supported" error. Anyone have a simple solution that I've overlooked or will this require some iw magic?

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I'm a special kind of stupid. I was about to reply that I had tried wlan0 to br-lan previously and it didn't work. Then I realized that I had the direction flipped and needed to have it as wlan1 to br-lan (share internet from the adapter to the bridge w/ wlan0). Made the quick change in network manager and it seems to be up and running. I'll put it through the paces and see if anything else comes up. Thanks for the speedy reply.

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