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i can run sslstrip, but i'm not getting anything on the output page. i'm connecting to the pineapple wifi signal with an iPhone and an android; i get internet connection fine, but can't seem to get it to capture any information sent over the wifi connection. I'm missing the usb log or the log usb app./infusion that seems to be apart of the setup for this APP on the bog instructions i have been using..... so which infusions do i need to run this sslstrip, or what step am I missing... Note I'm using a Mac.

This is the setup instructions i'm using: http://hakinthebox.blogspot.com/2012/06/you-just-cant-trust-wireless-covertly.html

What am i missing??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

sslstrip installed
sslstrip enabled | Stop Verbose

Autostart disabled | Enable
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