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Install AR9271 on Kali (GNOME 3.4.2)


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I use Kali as pirmary OS, and following this tutorial I can't manage nr.9 - This is the error How can I solve it?

first of all that version of compat-wireless is really old, in fact its not even called compat-wireless anymore its compat-drivers. and second of all you shouldnt need to install drivers for your ar9271 it should work plug and play. if for some reason it doesnt then get a more recent version of compat-wireless or compat-drivers and make sure you have your linux-kernel-headers installed. you need to have your kernel headers before youll be able to compile/build modules with compat-wireless.

uname -a in the terminal will tell you your kernel info then you can install the headers with apt-get or synaptic or whatever you like.

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