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Changing client update rate to get power stats


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I am using airomon-ng to get the station power levels. I understand that the client update rate is set for 10-20 seconds which causes a delay in displaying the changes in the power when the station device is moved. How do I change / lower the update rate so the power levels change quicker?

Also, why do some devices show a power level of -127 even though they are close to the client (router)?


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Power level, or decibel level for radio signals? Larger the negative number I think means closer the client or AP. something like a -1, is like, out of reach or really far away, and most likely, not going to be able to connect to it, but should be able to send commands to it, like a deauth, etc.

As for rate of update on airodump-ng(airmon-ng and airmon-zc put the card in monitor mode, airodump-ng lets you monitor AP's), thats part of the aircrack suite. I'd check their wiki, the help file itself (ie: airodump-ng --help) and man pages if they have one.


"--update" looks like what you might want to try when starting up airodump-ng.

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