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[Question][Encoder]Ducky not printing a backslash character on UK keyboard map

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Hello all,

Apologies in advance if this is an issue that has previously been resolved. I searched this forum for my issue and in the FAQ but wasn't able to find a solution.

The issue I have is that I'm unable to get the Ducky to print a backslash character using a UK keyboard map. Printing forward slash character is fine.

Tested with the following -:

Firmware - stock firmware that came with the Ducky (v1 I believe) and the Ducky Community edition v2.1 (duck_v2.1hex)

Encoders - v1.2 duckencoder from the GitHub wiki and v2.6 from the Google Code Ducky Community site

Keyboard using UK keyboard map on Windows 7

Simple script to output a backslash character -:

DELAY 3000


STRING notepad.exe



STRING backslash test - \



STRING double backslash escaping test - \\

Payload generation command with v2.6 encoder -:

java -jar encoder.jar -l uk -i ducktst.txt -o <ducky drive>\inject.bin

If I remove the -l uk option to default to the US keyboard map it will print a pound/hash character for the backslash which is what I would expect to see.

When the encoder generates the payload it passes all the checks but for the Duckyscript check it returns a warning - 'Key not found:KEY_NON_US_100'.

Anyone come across this problem before ?

Thanks in advance,


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try the following, do you get the same result?

java -jar encoder.jar -l resources\uk.properties -i ducktst.txt -o <ducky drive>\inject.bin
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Ahh thanks for pointing me to the keymap files midnitesnake. I needed to make the following amendments to the resources\uk.properties file before the Ducky would echo out the backslash character.

Here are the modifications I made to the file -:

Comment out line 3


ASCII code 92 is backslash so I left line 126 uncommented


Output from test script now prints following lines -:

backslash test - \

double backslash escaping test - \\

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