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Just power light and WPS light on, cant access the pineapple

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Hi everybody,

I have my pineapple IV for a week and finally managed to fully set it up with android tethering and i was realy happy !!!

I then tryed to install some infusion included UWUI wich was then missing in the list of installed infusion but the equivalent spce was gone

on the drive so it did download it but didnt installed it. i then decided to do a reset to do everything again ...

When the pineapple rebooted all light blinked but then it stays with the WPS light and power light on but nothing else and more important ly i have no way to connect to it no ssid seen !!

I hope it is not bricked cause i havent done anything that could do that.

Please help !!

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I have the same exact issue. In my case this happened while I was flashing to 2.81. After I selected to upgrade the device, it rebooted and now its stuck on PWR and WPS lights only. I'm pretty sure its bricked. Any ideas on how to fix this.

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