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  1. Thank you i will , what would be more efficient then ? reaver or brute forcing the handshake ? Wouldnt it be worth it to look into it ? There isnt many ways to crack a WPA at least from what i know ? so maybe that could be worth it ? An infusions gettting the handshakes then send it to the big boy at home ?
  2. not possible with the actual firmware and tools we have ? or not possible ever ? and why not ? could we get around it ? Sorry but "No, this is not possible." is something that if we were blindly believing well we wouldnt be here ? right ?
  3. Hi everybody, I upgraded my firmware 1.4.0 and its very nice thank you guys for that. Now that we can create an AP with WPA or WPA2 would it be possible to get the passwords that people are using to try to connect to it ? For example if you want to get the password for the AP "NETWORK" , you will create an AP named "NETWORK" on the pineapple with WPA encryption then jammed the real AP "NETWORK" hope for the target to try connect to the pineapple "NETWORK" with his password and then we will have it.... Im not sure if this is actualy possible but if it is ... could be usefull :) What do you
  4. Hi guys, i tried to flash my firmware over ethernet in the WebUI and i have now the red and orange light blinking for over 25 min ... is something going wrong ? and then what should i do ? wait longer ? pull the plug ? unplug the ethernet ? im very scared to do anything. Thank you Pulled the plug everything ok now... so for everybody else worried that seems to be normal dont panic :)
  5. Hi everybody, I have my pineapple IV for a week and finally managed to fully set it up with android tethering and i was realy happy !!! I then tryed to install some infusion included UWUI wich was then missing in the list of installed infusion but the equivalent spce was gone on the drive so it did download it but didnt installed it. i then decided to do a reset to do everything again ... When the pineapple rebooted all light blinked but then it stays with the WPS light and power light on but nothing else and more important ly i have no way to connect to it no ssid seen !! I hope it is
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