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Multiple Flash Drives Automounts


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Hey, because I'm one of those guys that buys a lots of USB flash drives but looses all of the ones with higher capacity, I have at home about 3 1GB ones which I want to play until I have some leftover money to buy a 16/32GB one :D

So, I used a powered hub with 2 flash drives and hooked it up to the Pineapple. Both of them are configured for ext4, except that one of them has a partition for swap, and I use this to keep infusions and opkg packages, while the other one has only a ext4 partition.

When I hooked both of them up and restarted the Pineapple, both of them were detected, but only /dev/sdaX (the one with swap+files) is automounted because of my fstab.

However, if I list all the devices found, I get "/dev/sdb1" as well, and it's the exact size of the ext4 partition from my other drive. But when I try to mount it (manually using "mount") it says something like "not found in fstab". So I did some research and found out that fstab controls which drives can be "mount"-ed.

So I created a new line in fstab, this one:

config mount

option target /external
option device /dev/sdb1
option fstype ext4
option options rw,sync
option enabled 1
option enabled_fsck 0

and restarted it, and now it doesn't even detect the /dev/sdb1, nor can I mount it manually.

But the stick with swap and files works great. It always did since I got my Pineapple. It mounts to /usb with no problems.

I thought that the other stick would be corrupted, so I used another one, and the same exact problem occurs.

Any thoughts on how to auto-mount multiple flash drives? Thanks a lot!

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Seems to be working for me. Did you use the UI to change the fstab, or did you manually edit it? Use the UI, if you manually edited it.

I just threw a Thermaltake sata to usb drive dock on as /extra and it shows up just fine after a reboot.


Okay, now I'm just being silly.


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