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SSH wich keep alive after a network disconnect


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i am searching for a ssh wich Keep alive after a Network disconnection. I know that some like that is out there but i forgot the Name and i did not find it with Google. Darren Show this tool i think he sad it was a ssh Version from a University ? if anybody tell me the please :D

Thanks !

Pass Me

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screen? I think thats what you are looking for, where you close your ssh session, login later, and can continue where you left off. I;ve never used it, but pretty sure thats what you're looking for.

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Screen is a great tool, just remember to change it from using <CTRL>+a to some other key combination you prefer.

Why? Well <CTRL>+a is select all on a lot of systems/programs and you don't want to be doing that by accident, especially if your next key press will delete the selected items.

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