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[!] Backtrack5 r3 VB and Cowpatty Situation (Help)


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Hello h5 comnity, I have several things in this situation and is a bit extensive and take serveral topics, I have a machine with this specs:

Micro: Intel Core i7 930 OC 3.5gz
MB: MSI X58pro E
RAM: 24gb DDR3 1600mhz
Drives: OCZ SSD 128gb for Main OS and adicional 3TB

So here is the thing, I saw in a resent video to Mr.D auditing a wifi with cowpatty running 20k+ keys per seccond in a eee pc... well I runing a BT5r3 x64 as a guest in VB installed in Win8 x64 with all cores and 3d activated in the box but cowpatty is running only 1k of keys/secs.... And I wondering why is this? ....

Other thing that I noticed is when the BT boot up my ALFA ans set [ifconfig wlan0 up] the card start to flicker like it has a lot of activity but does not...

And the final issue I thinking in combine this items: ALFA AWUSO36H with Amped WA12, what do you think about this...

Thanks any help with this

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Old BT forums under upgrade, try http://forums.kali.org/forum.php but also http://www.backtrack-linux.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

VM performance is never the same as native installs, and hardware of your machine, setup of VM, etc, all play into this. Also, some tools, can be multi threaded, not sure on cowpatty, but might be a setting, to use more than one thread, to increase speed of cracking, which might not be a command line option, but a config file option that you can change in the script somewhere to optimize your cracking.

Only other option, skip the VM, boot a live disc and try running in live mode, see if its faster than the VM. If its speed is the same, then possibly the video you watched, something was tweaked to get the higher throughput.

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