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[Firmware][Info] Trials and Tribulations


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Made the mistake of upgrading to Atmel Studio 6.1, which wanted to upgrade all the firmware-code and base libraries.

Downside: it corrupted all my code :(

Upside: I had a backup :)

Downside --: It still seems to have messed up a few libraries, compiling the USB and Twin-Duck v2.1 with speed enhancements either refuse to compile, or when they do eventually compile are slower. Oddly the write speed is faster than read speed (137/100KB w/r compared to previous 160/200KB w/r (w/r=write/read))????

After a day wrestling with the clock - no improvement - which suggests its something todo with the base libraries / particular version of the framework (and i cant remember the previous one I was on? 3.1.xxxx?)

Now to decide whether to continue with 6.0 Framework, or rewrite everything in 6.1.

So if there are any people out there compiling from source/learning to program the Ducky I suggest you stick with the Atmel Studio version 6.0!!!


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It's probably better to future-proof as early as possible. I'd go with a full rebuild because if there are breaking changes in the latest version, they will affect any subsequent versions as well. Develop it over time though; the firmwares we have out now will suffice for almost all purposes. Any new features that the new Amtel version can bring will be useful and will aid development in the future. We don't want to be stuck with legacy code which hinders development.

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