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Occupineapple button script


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Hi all,

I've been toying around with my pineapple and had a lot of fun with the occupineapple infusion. I wrote a quick and dirty button script to start it when on battery without display.

I think I might create a prettier, more robust and general one in future to facilitate other commands as well, but here it is for the ones interested:


if [ "$(pidof mdk3)" ]
 logger "Occupineapple running, killing it now..."
 kill $(pidof mdk3)
 if grep -q mon0 /proc/net/dev
  logger "Monitor interface up, bringing it down..."
  airmon-ng stop mon0
 logger "Done."
 logger "Occupineapple not running, starting now..."
 if grep -q mon0 /proc/net/dev
  logger "Monitor mode active..."
  logger "Monitor mode not active, starting now..."
  airmon-ng start wlan0
 logger "Starting MDK3..."
 sleep 1
 /usb/usr/sbin/mdk3 mon0 b -v /usb/infusions/occupineapple/lists/SSID_with_MAC.mlist &
 logger "Occupineapple active! Bailing out!"

And some sample content for the SSID_with_MAC.mlist:

73:54:25:87:35:22 Abraham Linksys
76:44:26:35:22:63 404NetworkUnavailable
55:24:76:34:12:56 PlzBringVodkaToApt130
52:33:53:24:75:34 Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
56:34:65:32:54:76 Use this one, mom!
76:24:65:24:76:35 AllYourBandwidthAreBelongToUs
65:34:76:24:56:33 42
54:34:76:56:34:56 Secured network (no password)
54:32:76:35:24:65 OMGWTFBBQ
32:34:64:24:54:3a International Terrorist Network
A3-B6-DA-96-39-8B wee-fee
48-78-73-74-07-60 My Neighbours Suck
F8-DB-9E-D3-71-D8 Yippie, I'm on the internets!
5F-BA-50-D2-2F-57 Sir Stiffy
33-A1-72-0F-45-85 Virus Distribution Server
22-AD-D0-E2-FB-89 I'm in your bathroom ^_~
5E-41-B5-F1-46-ED 2girls1router
D9-3E-C8-77-12-3A u pee i pee we all pee 4 wee fee
4F-71-F5-A0-44-25 ponglenis
7B-8B-91-F8-D4-81 McDonalds
00-A9-E2-ED-63-F2 SuckMyWiFi
64-17-8D-59-82-15 Internet is for Pr0n
34:65:34:86:26:34 Fuck_Tim_Kuik
C3-BA-D4-10-95-D9 Buy your own WLAN
F4-71-85-81-CB-07 Out of use
96-8E-C1-6B-9E-56 Kiss my (_!_)
D7-8B-D6-63-29-F4 Pen isLand
C4-49-14-CF-4B-21 WiFi was my idea!
07-1A-12-2A-56-CC I fart in your general direction
D8-80-0C-04-F1-1B <Network Name>
D8-BD-E2-E5-C2-D4 IcanHazWiFi
44-59-5C-50-65-41 4chan party van
B2-3E-FE-95-23-C0 You have won a price - Click for details
14-C1-FC-86-0A-A0 Desparate HouseWiFis
66-02-95-48-24-E5 To connect hold CTRL and press F4
5D-E8-46-D1-8E-39 One Router To Rule Them All...
B3-5F-FA-54-61-B1 64 year old wants to connect ;)
CB-E8-A3-81-6E-EB batmobluetooth
46-82-AC-42-09-B6 Stynksys
E3-70-B9-78-B8-DE Notgear
5E-16-C6-A5-E8-55 D-Blink
DE-9C-B4-D8-F0-15 Cissyco
8A-BB-FD-2E-3C-6C can't stop fapping
19-82-EF-C5-C5-F8 (.)(.)   $$ = ( . )( . )
7C-A9-68-35-22-21 For A Really Good Time Phone Cindy 808 555 1212 

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