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[Question] How do you get the Ducky Hardware Designed and Made


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Once you have an idea for a device like the rubber Ducky. How do you design it. And get it manufactured ?


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I wasn't involved in the hardware creation.

But it's by going to chip manufacturers like ftdi,avr,stm32 and buying their demo boards and trialling their hardware and software demos.

Once you understand the demos you create your first prototype on a breadboard using your chosen chip. Then you translate your design in eagle cad or gerber cad. A board printer/manufacturer typically needs either eagle or gerber cad files to print your boards. Pay to get some boards printed, add you components and after testing decide if your going to self assemble, or find a manufacturer that can.

It's an expensive process, you can make it cheaper by teaming up with other makers, and submitting numerous boards for manufacture at once. Hackaday, sparkfun and adafruit can probably give you more details.

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