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Raspbian Problem


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I am trying to connect my raspberry pi to my OpenVpn server. It connects fine but as soon as the connection is established and the interface (tun0) is created it automatically drops the connection over what ever interface it is connecting to the physical network with. For example eth0 is connected to a switch and then I connect to the OpenVpn server; tun0 is created and eth0 drops its connection. Does anyone know what is causing this to happen?

I am pretty sure it is a problem with raspbian because if I am connected wirelessly to a network on then plug in a cat5 to a switch my wireless connection drops.

Any light shed on this would be great!

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Sounds like network-manager to me. If you have got network manager installed then try uninstalling it and configuring your network manually.

Network-manager is great when you just want it to look after one interface but when you start to have multiple interfaces it can get confused quite quickly.

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