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Broswer based exploits in metasploit


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Hi guys!

This is my first ever post on this forum so sorry if I've done something wrong on posting this! I've been trying out armitage and metasploit for a while now and I seem to get on well with windows xp machines etc but I've been playing around on an old windows 7 laptop I got given from my parents. I've tried all my normal exploits to get a working meterpreter shell but so far I can't get anything to work on it including a hail Mary attack which lists 21 exploits but then can't get any to run. I did some research on the web and found that only a handful of exploits will work on a windows 7 machine and one of these being a browser based attack. I've run the exploit etc on armitage however when I go to type the web addy into the victims browser, the victims broswer hits back with a message saying no page found but then on armitage I get no result. I can't work out why this isn;t working so I thought I'd put a post on the forum to see if any one else is having the same issue or if anyone can suggest a reason why its not working. I'm running armitage on a backtrack 5 r3 machine.

Thanks very much in advance guys!

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