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SSLStrip Won't Install


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Hi all,

I've searched the forums and google for ages now and can't find a solution hence my first post!

I've got my pineapple up and running fine with various infusions running inc. nmap, survey etc however sslsniff won't install. I've tried via opkg / ssh but it simply comes back saying it can't install sslsniff (opkg --dest usb install sslsniff).

I'm using:

Pineapple MkIV

Firmware v 2.7.0

USB Drive Sans Cruzer 8gb (appears to be working fine)

Access to the internet for pineapple is via eth0 and is fine etc.

If I try to install via the web gui it tells me it has installed but when I open SSLSniff it says it's not installed in red text.

Any ideas? Hopefully I'm doing something stupid and easily sorted?!


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Hi snake, thanks for the link. I got so far as updating the bridge firewall rules and realised i was out of space - odd as everything is on USB storage... except TCPdump. Anyway after moving that to USB SSLStrip has just installed fine.

This is very odd as I've tried installing SSLStrip numerous times today to USB prior to other things being installed and it didn't work.

Is the installation of SSLStrip dependant upon the installation of any other infusions? Not that it matters, it's running... typically straight after I posted!


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