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Inserting 16gb USB into pineapple Mk4 resets device...


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Hi Guys,

Just got my pineapple Mk4 and having a little issue searched the forums and it seems im the only one, basically i couldent use gparted to format the USB device as it couldent find a mount point? instead partition magic let me format a 12.8gb EXT4 and a 3.2Gb EXT4 partition i can see it as two seperate partitions in linux. when i plug into the pineapple it basically resets the device automaticly and then the wps light flashes continuously and never boots unless i disconect DC cable and start from a frsh boot. then i logged into it and changed the USB config as follows,

config global automount

option from_fstab 1

option anon_mount 1

config global autoswap

option from_fstab 1

option anon_swap 1

config mount

option target /usb

option device /dev/sda1

option fstype ext4

option options rw,sync

option enabled 1

option enabled_fsck 0

config swap

option device /dev/sda2

option enabled 1

Saved the config and rebooted, waited for the pineapple to ping, logged into it made sure it was running ok then i plug the USB in and bang... resets to WPS flashing again what it going on? have i done anything wrong? i dont see how a usb could cause the device to reboot into an unusable state when there is nothing on it.

Iv tested with wall adapter and also battery pack - same results, please advise on what to do next as im stumpped and slightly annoyed.


your Unclebeavz

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