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dnsspoof - ip/host?


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And I'm falling into a trap I've read about - the page constantly refreshing...

Under the 'configuration' tab, I've added:

dnsspoof: www.google.com

landing page:



<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=http://www.espn.com">





So, when a user types in google.com - they should bounce to espn.com - what I get instead is constant refreshing - with www.espn.com in the address bar.


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Just playing around with it - and it randomly started working... going to do a full restart - I think it's good now.

Did you ever come to good fix for this? I've been looking for a good write up on setting up phishing using dnsspoof but have come up a little short and am currently stuck in the "Refresh loop".

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It just started working randomly.

I'm now trying to set it up again and am stuck int he same loop.

Working a trade show in two days - want to open up a WIFI hotspot and any traffic goes to our website... stuck in the loop. Ideas?

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