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My Android devices are not using [seeing] OTG micro-micro USB cable


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I thought this question had been discussed before but I could not find it in the forums.

I just recieved my new OTG micro to micro USB cable from the hakshop but none of my devices will connect or charge when connected.

I have been using an Archos 5 tablet, an Archos 7 tablet, a Samsung phone and a FreedomPop hot spot connected in every combination possible but none of them seem to be using the cable.

In normal operation, the Archos 7 tablet does not charge through the micro USB connecter, it has a dedicated power plug, but the other three devices can charge through their micro USB connection.

None of the devices are rooted.

I have switched the USB connection mode, on and off, to debug [ADB], to media device [MTP], to storage device[MSC]

I have also tried rebooting while connected but nothing seems to work.


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ok so what external devices exactly are you trying to connect to your androids? i took a look at the cable youre talking about. its used for adb connections and they even have a link with some handy little scripts to jack data from the victims device, such as images from the /sdcard/DCIM/ directory or copy all the app cache data, browsing history, etc etc. anything you can do via ./adb basically. there should be a nice little script that will enable adb over wifi for rooted victims so you can connect real quick with the OTG cable run something like


setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555

stop adbd

start adbd

or have it edit the init script to enable it on every boot so you can ./adb jack datas from the victim anytime you want over wlan connections.

i'm not sure this cable is what you thought it was.

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I expected that the two Android devices would have the usual USB connection and also the ability to power one device from the other.

If I plug any of the devices into to the Archos 5 dock [ it has mini and full size USB ] both power and the USB mount is enabled.

That is using a regular USB micro cable, same as plugging into my laptop.

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If you hook them up with the cable from the HakShop one should charge the other. I think it's the red side that gets charged, not 100%. When I get my OTG adapters I'll play with my MK802 a bit with them. But your "red/hacker" device should have root and adb enabled, etc (If you plan on doing the Kos style attacks). And the victim device would need ADB enabled. You might want to check out http://kos.io for more info.

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i think you guys have some real confusion on what exactly this cable is for. first of all youre not going to use this to charge one phone with another phone. when you connect devices to your usb host port on your archos charging dock its quite a different thing than connecting your device to another device as a peripheral storage or for an ADB connection via OTG cable. theres a few things that i think youre not understanding here. first is ADB and what ADB actually is and is used for. second is the capabilities of the devices youre using and or how to use them. When you connect USB OTG Adapter to the phone it is switched into USB Host mode. Most phones and even tablets hardware is not capable of giving power to USB peripherals, so USB Y Cable or USB Hub with external power supply is required to connect USB peripherals to the phone.

now normally (assuming your kernel has support built in for OTG host mode) when you connect a usb mass storage device to your phone via OTG cable it will automatically be mounted in /sdcard/usb/ or simmilar. however it may not automount if other USB mass storage device already has automatically mounted partition. then you miay have to manually mount it by doing something like this for example.


mkdir /sdcard/usb1 mount -t vfat -o rw,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,uid=1000,gid=1015,dmask=0702 /dev/block/sda1 /mnt/sdcard/usb1

from the terminal emulator on the phone or via adb shell connection from another device. of course you can tell by the "su" that youre going to require root privileges.

but i digress. i think the OP mentioned a couple of archos devices 5 and 7 iirc. unless you have flashed a custom rom and or kernel its not likely that those will support OTG fucntionality, i belive those initially came with android 1.6 or 2.0/2.1 so no way that it was built in stock. but really, thats not what this cable in particular is even made for. this cable's main purpose is to run adb shell commands on a connected victim device. as i stated in my earlier post, this is being used with a custom android framework and scripts to gain access to to sensitive data on another device.


you can brouse through the source and shell scripts there.

if youre not familiar with some of the android-sdk platform-tools like adb, and fastboot, or if you dont even know what kernel version or better yet even which android version your devices are running then this project and isnt something for you. time to go back to square one and first learn about the different types of usb ports and what they can and cannot do.

I still think this could be especially fun with adb over wifi connection being enabled on he victim devices.

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