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Retracting reliance on your ISP and their default DNS servers

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I have been looking at ways to do quite a few things around my house. On of which is to reduce the reliance I have on services provided by my ISP such as their default DNS server. I am aware of open and free DNS servers that are available, but I want to try and go further than that.

My question is; What resources are required to host my own DNS for private use? That would be me and my room-mates, as well as anyone else whom I give access to my DNS.

A slightly more hypothetical question I would like to ask is; What resources are required to run your own faux ISP? Obviously I'm not talking enterprise level here, just private. Again, just for me and my room-mates and possibly one day expanding to provide for outside sources, but this requires infrastructure, and lots of it! While I may be young and ambitious, I just wouldn't ever have the capital for that!

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just install bind or some similar DNS service on a local linux server. I ran a Bind server for a year or so before i made a Windows domain in my home. Linux based DNS can be challenging but it is very effective.

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