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ettercap question


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Can someone give me an example of ettercap usage with -W (i.e. --wep-key) for sniffing via wlan?

It says something interesting in -h about the -W... it sounds like if you have the WEP key then you can actually decrypt something that you're sniffing...but I'm trying it on myself and I can't get it to work right.

Using the -T user interface i got it to say that it's starting unified sniffing but it never does anything interesting. Should I be able to use the WEP key with -W to see all my data being transferred in plain text or how does it work?

I wanna see the WEP key decrypt something...

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i guess this should be the format...

ettercap -W key_length:string_or_passphrase:wep_key -G

well that's what once source says, but it lacks the specification of a wlan interface and when i try it with -G the GUI pops up but it's just in its default state. also, where does it specify the target?

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