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Good VPN service for accessing my Pentest lab


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Hey Girls and Guys.

I'm building a pentest lab at home but I'm not home that much anymore, I'd really like to be able to access it while away or at work. I'm behind my buildings NAT which I have no control over, All my machines are then on they're own little NAT'ed section. I considered using teredo as a solution but now I'm thinking of just paying for a service.

I'm not using it access the internet, just to create my own virtual network that I can access from anywhere.

Can anyone recommend a solution. I'm running Linux for the most part and based in Ireland.

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If your work machine can let you setup OpenVPN clients, then setup openvpn on the home network machine you want to reach, adn then RDp into the home machine over the VPN. Either that, or TeamViewwer portable on a thumbdrive with TeamViewer on the host machine at home, but you'll need to sign up with them to setup the server part so you can make an always on account to login to, vs the random user and password generated each time it starts. Its free, and will let you basically RDP into the machine over an encrypted connection and works without having to port forward anything on your home network.

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